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Why can’t I log into my Outlook account on my phone?

If you are wondering why you Can't log in to Outlook on iPhone of yours and you keep on facing the errors while the login procedure then you are at the right place and you must stick to the end of the article to fix your problem with the Outlook account.   Reasons for the Outlook problems But the first part is that you must know the reasons that are causing the Outlook mail not working Problems. So the reasons for the following are –  You might have entered the username as well as the password....
Nov 22

Simple steps to Verizon Email Settings and Change Password

Email services are widely used all over the globe for both personal and professional purposes. The Verizon email is one such email service that is being accessed by millions of people from different parts of the globe. In case you are an account holder and looking to know about the correct email server settings for Verizon email, get in line and read this blog till the end to know about the correct Verizon mail server settings so you don't find it difficult to configure your email account....
Nov 12

How can I create an email account without phone verification?

People these days connect via email, it’s an important part of our life. The professionals are more likely to be dependent on the email media for communication point of view. People prefer emailing other than any other way because of the privacy and security point of view. The big companies by the name of Yahoo mail and Gmail provide privacy to each of its users at their best. Meanwhile these companies also keep track of the credentials mentioned, they cross check at the time the user is....

Is Spectrum Email not Working?

Errors are inevitable in emails, especially when connected to a hindered internet connection. If you are using a Spectrum email account, the chances to encounter various email-related issues can go up if you don’t know how to fix them immediately. Likewise, Spectrum email login and email transferring errors can hamper your work and frustrate you a lot. Do you wish to avoid Spectrum email is not working issues? If yes, stick to the end of this article.   Reasons for Spectrum Email Issues IMAP....
Sep 15

Why is AOL Mail not sending on iPhone?

Aol is an American based service that helps users with their web. It works in association with Yahoo and makes lives easier for users in terms of email. These services make lives easier in a way that users can send emails to each other and communicate with their colleagues/friends. AOL works on all kinds of phones like Android, iOS and more. However, it does face problems sometimes in working properly. This has happened before with iPhone users where users complained about "AOL Mail not sending....

What's Wrong with Roadrunner Email?

Roadrunner email is one of the best email service providers, also the problem associated will be common just like that. So we are here to help you to access roadrunner email without any error.   Reasons for the Issue in your RR Email The following will be the basic reasons for the issue in your roadrunner email account:  When there is an error in the internet connection, even if the internet connection is week; you will face an error in your mail.  At times, your browser will be filled with....
Aug 11

How Do I Sync my Comcast Email with My iPhone?

One of the renowned email service providers Comcast (Xfinity) is known for its fabulous customer support and dynamic email capacity. Nonetheless, it can sometimes trouble its users with login or syncing issues. Well, if this is the reason you are here, you don’t need to worry anymore! This article deals with Comcast email syncing issues with iPhones.   Follow these steps to sync your Comcast email with an iPhone Go to the phone settings app.  Select the Mail option. Now, go to accounts. Click....
Jul 28

Why does Gmail keep crashing on Android?

The most popular email service provider Gmail is used by billions of people across the world. Its interface, smooth emailing, customer support, end-to-end encryption, and safety enable it to outshine other email service providers. However, it can be accessed on any device, Gmail sometimes pesters its user by crashing on certain systems. Well, it is just a software error that can be resolved easily.   Are you facing issues in connecting to your Gmail account on your Android phone? No worries....

How Do I Log into My GoDaddy Workspace Email?

In today’s world where the students are having online classes and employees doing online jobs, email plays the most significant role is the true fact that everyone accepts.        Godaddy is an email service provider which can be accessed using your web browser, mobile browser or through the godaddy app as per your convenience. Basically this email helps users to check all the email accounts of yours in your godaddy email.   Few of its benefits: The email storage is maximum till 10 GB. You can....

What are the SBCGlobal Email Server Settings?

To get access to your email with AT&T on your system, they must refer to IMAP and SMTP settings which are mentioned below.   If you want to sbcglobal email settings for your email account on your system, you must follow the steps given below.   1.    You have to first log in to your AT&T email account. 2.    Go to Apps>Settings>Manage Account> Add Account 3.    Enter the username and password.   If you are still unable in configuring your account via the steps....
Jun 2

How do I set up IMAP for Gmail on my iPhone?

Gmail is one of the best and the most popular webmail services that one can use to manage your emails and your day-to-day meetings and schedules with relative ease. You can even use the settings of IMAP for Gmail to set it up on your iPhone.   Read the blog to know how you can set it up on an iPhone. Steps to set up Gmail on iPhone Open your web browser and enter this link, to know how to enable IMAP on your Gmail, to begin with. From....
May 17

How to fix Reset/Forgot sbcglobal email password?

If you use any online email service then you must be aware that forgetting the password of your account is a common mistake. The same goes for the SBCGlobal email service, it is a pretty simple process to reset your password for your SBCGlobal account. You can do so just by using your mobile number . but the real problem begins when your account is either hacked or you are unable to access it. In this case you should act quickly and try to change your password as soon as possible to prevent the....
May 10

How to Fix ATT Care Code: 205.4 Error

The Yahoo services have been under heavy fire as there are tons of errors ever since Yahoo merged with SBCglobal. In case you ever get locked out of your Yahoo email account, read the blog as we will be telling you some simple ways that can help you fix this issue.   Steps to fix ATT care code:205.4 You can try to reset your email password as soon as you see this error as the email service may lock you out because of an incorrect password too. You can use the steps given on the....
Apr 22

How Do I Change my Charter Email Password?

Charter communication, along with providing cable TV, mass media, and telecommunication services has also facilitated its users by providing the Charter Email Service. However, Charter email is now branded as Spectrum webmail, so often will come across Charter, and spectrum login is used interchangeably. Through this short article, you will get to know the process to change your Charter email password with two methods and you can choose between them according to your convenience.   Changing....
Mar 17

What are Yahoo's IMAP, POP3 and SMTP Settings?

Now you can operate your Yahoo mail account with the help of POP3 and IMAP on any of your email program   I noticed that Yahoo! Is now providing POP3/IMAP accessibility to all people without exception to their premium users only. It is surprising that it took this long for Yahoo! to make POP3/IMAP available for everyone. Yahoo! was lacking this feature until now in this competitive free mail world. Beneath I have mentioned yahoo mail settings be it SMTP / yahoo pop settings / IMAP.   SMTP It....