What are Yahoo's IMAP, POP3 and SMTP Settings?

Now you can operate your Yahoo mail account with the help of POP3 and IMAP on any of your email program
I noticed that Yahoo! Is now providing POP3/IMAP accessibility to all people without exception to their premium users only. It is surprising that it took this long for Yahoo! to make POP3/IMAP available for everyone. Yahoo! was lacking this feature until now in this competitive free mail world. Beneath I have mentioned yahoo mail settings be it SMTP / yahoo pop settings / IMAP.
It stands for simple mail transfer protocol; this protocol is used for sending email over the internet .
The server used will be smtp.mail.yahoo.com with port number 465 or 587 and for verification purposes password will be required. The encrypted connection brought into play is SSL. your email address will be used as your username and password will be required. The following SMTP configuration will allow you to transfer email by Yahoo mail ports.
It stands for Post office protocol version 3 .  POP3 is used as the primary communication protocol for transferring email. The server used will be pop.mail.yahoo.com with port number 995. The encrypted connection required will be SSL and your username will be used, your email address and password will be required.
IMAP stands for internet message access protocol. This protocol is used to access emails and it is different from POP3 to IMAP commands your email program to mirror or copy the stored email on an email server directly to your current device. The server used will be  Imap.mail.yahoo.com with port 993. The encrypted connection used will be SSL and your email address will be used as your username and password will be required.