How to Fix ATT Care Code: 205.4 Error

The Yahoo services have been under heavy fire as there are tons of errors ever since Yahoo merged with SBCglobal. In case you ever get locked out of your Yahoo email account, read the blog as we will be telling you some simple ways that can help you fix this issue.
Steps to fix ATT care code:205.4
  • You can try to reset your email password as soon as you see this error as the email service may lock you out because of an incorrect password too. You can use the steps given on the screen of the password recovery page to make this happen.
  • There may be a big possibility that the user ID that you are entering may further lead to this error. You can take help to find your correct user ID to avoid this error.
  • It is often seen that this error occurs because of the incorrect email settings in third-party clients so make sure to check your email settings before you proceed any further.
For more info regarding the " getting an ATT care code:205.4" issue, you may visit the help and support center of Yahoo.