Why is my Gmail app not working on my iPhone?

Gmail is a very popular application that millions of people use. But, sometimes some iPhone users are not able to use Gmail on their phones. When gmail won’t load on iPhone, it causes a lot of problems for them. So, we will tell you the reason for this problem as well as the solution that best goes with it.
Main reason for Gmail not working on an iPhone
The most basic and common reason why Gmail not working on iphone is the security issue. An iPhone user faces this problem due to the lack of complete knowledge about their Gmail application and mobile device. Gmail blocks out different sign-in attempts for numerous reasons, so let us focus on the solutions to fix this issue.
Fix Gmail on your iPhone
These solutions given by us will help you if your gmail not working on iphone mail app.
  • Check Gmail website for Alerts
The very first solution that you can try is to visit the official Gmail website that will give you a complete explanation of why you can’t log into your Gmail account. Your iPhone will not give you an explanation about the causes for Gmail not working. You should look for any alter on the website or you can also try to log in to your account from a computer to see if the Gmail application has sent you a mail regarding the issue.
  • Evaluate your devices on Google’s website
Even if you do not see any notification regarding any blocked attempt at signing in, you should visit the ‘ Device activity & notification’ option of your Google account on your device. You will be able to see if Google has banned your device and whether that is the reason for Gmail on iPhone not working. Once you clarify it with Google that it was indeed you that this ban will be lifted and your problem will be solved.