Why is AOL Mail not sending on iPhone?

Aol is an American based service that helps users with their web. It works in association with Yahoo and makes lives easier for users in terms of email. These services make lives easier in a way that users can send emails to each other and communicate with their colleagues/friends. AOL works on all kinds of phones like Android, iOS and more. However, it does face problems sometimes in working properly. This has happened before with iPhone users where users complained about " AOL Mail not sending on iPhone". If you are an iPhone user and are going through the same thing then read this article till the end and get your answer.
What to do when AOL stops working on iPhone?
This is the most important section for all the readers who have AOL mail problems with iPhone. So, let's get to solving this problem of Aol on the iPhone.
  • You should set your Network Settings again. Sometimes, Aol stops working due to network problems so it's better to check the settings
  • Close your Airplane mode. If your airplane mode is on then there is no way that you will receive emails on your iPhone from AOL.
  • Reinstall your Account again to solve Aol mail not working on iphone problem.