Why does my Outlook say Cannot connect to the server?

Like several users of outlook have encountered, the " outlook cannot connect to the server"issue. 
Have you faced it too?
If yes, then this article is relatively for you.
Outlook has managed to prove its credibility for decades in being a reliable email platform for sending, receiving and managing emails. However, sometimes outlook users experience Issues like Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server as we mentioned above.
So without wasting your precious time let's jump onto the steps that will help you to settle problems like " Outlook cannot connect to the server after a password change "or " Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server".
Here are the steps to Resolve Outlook Error Cannot Connect to Server
  • Validate your credentials and account attributes.
  • Make sure that outlook's server is working fine.
  • You can try to switch to an SSL server.
  • Repairing your outlook account can help you to resolve this issue.
  • Shutting off outlook extensions may also help.
  • Rebuilding the Outlook data file is also an option.
  • Re-installing Microsoft Outlook can give you a fresh start and rectify this problem.
  • Outlook can easily crash due to the presence of any corrupted file or a mid configured setting.
make sure that you're using outlook with default settings to work flawlessly.
Microsoft Outlook is a very prestigious email platform. It has proven its reliability to its users. IItsthe friendly user interface and features make it more accessible. However, sometimes outlook users may encounter some problems like " Microsoft outlook can't connect to the server" or " can't connect to the outlook server" after changing the password.
These problems can be fixed by doing some settings and checks here and there. So we have provided some of the fixes that might help you to resolve this problem and We hope that the solutions we have provided can assist you in settling this issue and save your time.