Why does Gmail keep crashing on Android?

The most popular email service provider Gmail is used by billions of people across the world. Its interface, smooth emailing, customer support, end-to-end encryption, and safety enable it to outshine other email service providers. However, it can be accessed on any device, Gmail sometimes pesters its user by crashing on certain systems. Well, it is just a software error that can be resolved easily.
Are you facing issues in connecting to your Gmail account on your Android phone? No worries anymore! We will be discussing some common root causes of Gmail app crashing issues on Android and how to fix them simultaneously. Read ahead to know more.
How to troubleshoot if the Gmail app keeps crashing on Android phones?
  • Restart your phone
If Gmail is crashing on your Android phone, try to connect to the application again after rebooting your phone.
  • Clear caches and data of Gmail app
Despite rebooting your phone, the Gmail app keeps crashing and not allowing you to avail of the emailing services, go to the settings app of your phone and clear the caches data.  
Open the settings and then go to Apps and Notifications > see all apps > Gmail > Storage and Cache > Clear caches to wipe the data. Now go back to the main Gmail info page and click on the Force stop for Gmail. Relaunch the app and check if Gmail keeps crashing on Android.
  • Update Gmail app from the Google Play Store
If you have not responded to the recent updates of Gmail, it will show errors. Henceforth, immediately update your app to stop Gmail app crashing issues.
Perhaps, there are some unknown problems with your Gmail account. Remove the account from your device and then add it again to avoid Gmail crashing issues on your Android phone.
  • Resign into your Google Gmail account