Why can’t I log into my Outlook account on my phone?

If you are wondering why you Can't log in to Outlook on iPhone of yours and you keep on facing the errors while the login procedure then you are at the right place and you must stick to the end of the article to fix your problem with the Outlook account.
Reasons for the Outlook problems
But the first part is that you must know the reasons that are causing the Outlook mail not working Problems. So the reasons for the following are – 
  • You might have entered the username as well as the password wrong which is causing the problem. 
  • You might be facing the cookies or even the cache files issues. 
  • You might have been facing the javascript issue. 
  • Your browser might be out of date. 
  • There could be networking issues too which you are facing. 
  • The server which you are using is not responding.
Solutions for the same –
  • First of all you must check the details which you have entered for the login procedures so that you can use the Outlook email properly. 
  • You must fix the cookies as well as the cache files so that you would not face the issues later on. 
  • You must fix the issues of the javascript on the Outlook email. 
  • You must update your browser to the latest version so that it would fix the problems of the Outlook email, then you must check the updates and then update it too. 
  • If there are networking issues then you must fix it so that you can use Outlook without any problems. 
  • And if the server you are using has stopped working then you have to wait for it to get it fixed from the other side.