How can I create an email account without phone verification?

People these days connect via email, it’s an important part of our life. The professionals are more likely to be dependent on the email media for communication point of view. People prefer emailing other than any other way because of the privacy and security point of view. The big companies by the name of Yahoo mail and Gmail provide privacy to each of its users at their best. Meanwhile these companies also keep track of the credentials mentioned, they cross check at the time the user is registering.
Whereas if someone wishes to create an email id but doesn’t have a registered phone number, then it’s not a matter to worry since there are ways to counter this problem. Our blog will be covering all possible aspects so give it a good read. These are the best possible ways to create email without phone number.
Play a fair game by pretending that you are a minor, you have the authority to alter your D.O. B and google will automatically assume that you don’t have any personal phone number, even if you are an apple user it won’t ask you for any details. But you will have to mention your guardian details instead. 
The other way is you may create an email without phone number by using disposable / temporary phone number by the time you receive OTP.That is why dummy phones are operational.
This is just a basic overview to fix the issue in a short span of time, try it for once. Do leave your valuable comments and feel free to reach out to us anytime.