How Do I Sync my Comcast Email with My iPhone?

One of the renowned email service providers Comcast (Xfinity) is known for its fabulous customer support and dynamic email capacity. Nonetheless, it can sometimes trouble its users with login or syncing issues. Well, if this is the reason you are here, you don’t need to worry anymore! This article deals with Comcast email syncing issues with iPhones.
Follow these steps to sync your Comcast email with an iPhone
  1. Go to the phone settings app. 
  2. Select the Mail option.
  3. Now, go to accounts.
  4. Click on the add email account option.
  5. Choose the “other” option for Comcast email settings iPhone
  6. Input your email details. 
  7. Select the Next button. 
  8. Enable IMAP and save the changes.
Resolve Comcast email syncing issues with iPhones
Apply below-mentioned troubleshooting if the Comcast email not syncing with iPhone.
  1. Make sure there are no issues with your internet connectivity if your Comcast email not working on your iPhone. 
  2. Check email server set up configuration whether it is correct or not.
  3. Update your iPhone and the email client you are using. 
  4. Restart your phone and try again to fix the “Comcast email not working on iPhone” issues. 
  5. Clear mail app caches and cookies.